Обложка книги In Action: Implementing Training Scorecards

In Action: Implementing Training Scorecards

ISBN: 1562863142;
Издательство: ASTD

Book DescriptionAre You Interested in Reporting Training Results to Management and to Your Training Department in a Meaningful Way? How do you know that your training department has accomplished its objectives? Using a training scorecard provides a structure for establishing, tracking, compiling, analyzing, and communicating results. A solid training scorecard methodology can help you utilize training data collected over different timeframes. The types of data included in these measurements are the familiar five levels of training evaluation: reaction, learning, application, business impact, and return-on-investment. This book offers eight case studies from a variety of organizations. The authors of these case studies are diligently pursuing accountability in their areas of expertise. Here, they share their experiences through their writings to demonstrate the application of leading-edge principles that you can use to create and implement training scorecards to benefit your...