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Daniel, M.D. Farb

OSHA Occupational Radiation Safety Manual and CD, Introductory But Comprehensive OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health) Training for the Managers and Employees ... In Any Industry With Radiation or X-Rays

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ISBN: 1932634878
Издательство: UniversityOfHealthCare
Год издания: 2003
Book DescriptionThis title is part of the UniversityOfHealthCare/ UniversityOfBusiness Interactive Training Library, which offers authoritative, clearly written material in an interactive form for better comprehension and documentation of completion. Themanual accompanying the CD provides a summary of the major points of the CD in a handy format. OSHA Occupational Radiation Safety gives OSHA training specific to occupational situations and the OSHA regulations, including precautionary procedures, caution signs, labels, and signals, and overexposure reports. The course then goes into the fundamentals of radiation safety in more depth. It also includes extensive material on dealing with bioterrorism and emergency decontamination, incident response, victimcare, and past catastrophes. It is comprehensive, simple, and clear, and has 3-6 hours of information and interactivity. 346 pages on the CD. 90 pages in the manual include a glossary and a handy printout of OSHA regulations. You must...
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