Обложка книги Advanced Sales Skills Guidebook

Advanced Sales Skills Guidebook

ISBN: 1594912386;
Издательство: UniversityOfHealthCare

Book DescriptionThe Advanced Sales Skills Guidebook combines the company's funniest and most interesting sales-related courses in one affordable package in a text-only version and keeps you on the cutting edge of sales. Many of these sections are also excellent for general business and personal development training. You will learn in Internet Searches how to search the internet for maximal payback. You will take the first three of our Sales Dramatics series: Sales Body Language, Sales Humor Delivery Skills 1, Sales Humor Writing Skills 1 to learn how to develop better rapport. You will take three of our Laugh and Learn series: Sales Letters, Time Management, and Territory Management. You will also take Writing Clearly in order to improve your writing skills. Completion of this program will develop your skills in areas not generally covered by most sales training courses. And you'll spend some time chuckling, too. Those readers who wish to have an accompanying program with video and...

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