Обложка книги The Incompetent Manager

The Incompetent Manager

ISBN: 1861563701;
Издательство: Wiley

Book DescriptionA surprisingly large number of people claim to have worked for a manager who was clearly incompetent. Some people even believe, that in certain sectors, the incompetent outnumber the competent. This book looks at when, why and how managers become incompetent and what to do about it. It does so with both science and humour by reviewing what we know about competences, about personality theory and about various salient psychiatric disorders. So many management books are unrealistically optimistic. They portray management as a simple task once one has absorbed the magic silver bullet message of the book. But managing people is, and will remain difficult as any manager knows. Management is about ability and skills, attitudeand values, knowledge and understanding, but also about personality and mental stability. This text investigates normal and abnormal incompetence. The former is where people have a poor fit between themselves (personality and...

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