Обложка книги AdValue


ISBN: 0750655011; 9780750655019;
Издательство: Butterworth-Heinemann
Страниц: 256

Advalue is organised into four sections, according to where the advertising effect is to be seen: * Company value effects * Business performance effects * Customer effects * Brand effects In addition, there is a brief introductory section and each chapter is prefaced by a short executive summary describing 'the argument in brief'. The individual authors are leading experts in their fields drawn from the advertising industry, the client community and the academic world. The book is aimed both at an advertising audience and at a general business audience - spanning from Finance to Marketing - who need to tie advertising spend to tangible outcomes. * Based on key reports from the IPA and leading advertising experts. * Offers the first comprehensive and coherent quantitative approach to gauging advertising performance. * Suitable for both an advertising and a general business audience