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Rod Afshar, Duke Banerjee, Clifford Jones

Advergaming Developer's Guide: Using Macromedia Flash MX 2004 and Macromedia Director MX

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ISBN: 1584503165
Издательство: Charles River Media
Welcome to the world of Advergaming! Interactive games are one of the fastest growing forms of entertainment and they?re on track to exceed movie ticket sales. Using them as an advertising tool, however, is a relatively new idea that is catching on fast. Advergames are created not only to entertain, but to sell a product, brand, or company. More and more companies are using these free, brand-centric games to supplement, and even replace, traditional branding methods. If you are a Web designer, graphic designer, or game developer, you?ll want to learn more about Advergames. They?re showing up everywhere, on the Web, cell phones, CD-ROMs, even embedded in email. The Advergaming Developer?s Guide teaches designers and game developersthe ins-and-outs of this innovative new form of advertising. It shows you how to create a variety of Advergames from the ground up, even if you have no prior game development experience. The book begins with a detailed overview of...