Обложка книги Introduction to Online Market & Industry Research

Introduction to Online Market & Industry Research

ISBN: 0538726849;
Издательство: South-Western Educational Publishing

Introduction to Online Market and Industry Research provides workable search strategies and valuable data source information to both inexperienced and experienced industry researchers. Market research strategies offer business managers a precise pictureof the environment in which they operate and thus supporting informed decision making. Critical data source reviews lead to cost-effective purchase decisions for research managers. Like all the titles in the Business Research Series, this book is conveniently divided into four sections containing a number of business research applications that can be used for both in-house research training and reference. Internet research can be quick, easy, and abundant but also challenging. Research sites sometimes come and go, and sources can be questionable. The Business Research Solutions Series provides comprehensive business and financial research reference guides and online training manuals to bridge a major gap in the field of online...