Обложка книги Lessons from a Chief Marketing Officer

Lessons from a Chief Marketing Officer

ISBN: 0071403175;
Издательство: McGraw-Hill

Book Description One of America's most successful marketing executives reveals tips and techniques of the massmarketing giants Today's best marketing minds are in the consumer packaged goods industry, working with budgets of $100 millionor more to pitch everything from soft drinks to shaving cream. Lessons from a Chief Marketing Officer takes an inside look at this highpressure world and provides readers with the essential ingredients needed to become not just market leaders­­but leaders committed to great marketing. Dynamic and packed with hands-on techniques, Lessons from A Chief Marketing Officer reveals the strategies top marketers use to capture and dominate their markets. It explains how organizationsof any size can emulate the leaders and transform marketing into an organizational prerogative, one designed to capture the minds and pocketbooks of the buying public.