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Bernice Kanner

The Super Bowl of Advertising: How the Commercials Won the Game

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ISBN: 1576601315, 9781576601310
Издательство: Bloomberg Press
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 240
Book DescriptionThe Super Bowl is the ultimate arena for advertising?the most watched, most anticipated, most expensive, most influential venue for major-league television commercials. It is the place for advertisers to be seen and to showcase theirbest work to some 800 million viewers around the world and is of intense interest to advertising, marketing, and branding professionals. Many of us tune in just for the ads, which cost millions to produce and air. From the Bud Bowl and ?Whassup?" to "Mean" Joe Greene and Michael Jordan, the commercials have tickled the nation's funny bone and tugged at its heartstrings?as well as its wallets. The commercial spectacle has grown in magnitude along with the game itself to become an integral part of the annual football face-off. This book is a tour of the ongoing evolution?noting the triumphs and flops, lassoing behind-the-scenes stories of ads that are significant?because they broke new ground, unveiled major...