Обложка книги Performance Safety: Lessons for Life

Performance Safety: Lessons for Life

ISBN: 1932794050;
Издательство: Filbert Publishing

Book DescriptionPerformance Safety; Lessons for Life is a practical guide that illustrates Performance Safety principles with real-world solutions in safety training and practices, utilizing performance-based concepts. It serves as a bridge between safety, production, engineering, quality control, and maintenance organizations. The root cause analysis approach used in engineering and for troubleshooting in maintenance is also key in incident and injury investigations and performance management. Closing the gap with open communication between all groups provides much more efficient, optimum performance at all levels. This book provides managers with solutions to raise the safety bar for employees. The next solutions-based book is under development to emphasize open communication lines between systems and organizations that together play a vital and integral role in safety - a successful marriage between all the key components - safety, human resources, engineering,...

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