Обложка книги Practice of Advertising, Fifth Edition

Practice of Advertising, Fifth Edition

ISBN: 0750661739;
Издательство: Butterworth-Heinemann

Book DescriptionThe Practice of Advertising addresses key issues in the industry, presenting a comprehensive overview of its components. Clarity in both style and content has been ensured so that the information is easily accessible and terminology is suitable for the reader. Based on the successful and highly regarded text previously edited by Norman Hart, this fifth edition contains up-to-date examples to illustrate key points and support underlying principles. Topics addressed range from introducing the roles of advertiser and the advertising agency, through to more specialised areas of advertising such as recruitment and directory advertising. The specialist knowledge gained from the contributors provides a valuable insight for practitioners and students wishing to gain a solid grounding in the subject. By looking at the current situation as well as considering developments likely to occur in the future, the text demonstrates how best to implement existing methods as...

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