Обложка книги Creating Passion Brands: getting to the heart of branding

Creating Passion Brands: getting to the heart of branding

ISBN: 0749443707;
Издательство: Kogan Page

Book DescriptionBrands are at a crossroads. Today?s marketers face flat growth, regulated markets, rapacious retailers and cynical consumers. And yet some brands rise above the issues to ignite passionate advocacy in consumers and employees alike. These are the brands with the imagination to stand for something rather than just following the latest consumer whim, the brands with a burning inner fire and the courage to live by their beliefs. Passionbrands not passive brands. Creating Passionbrands is based on extensive original research and interviews with the visionaries and leaders behind 40 belief-led brands including Google, Innocent, Camper, Emirates and The Co-operative Bank. The authors isolate the five big factors that make these brands different: ? they have something important to say about modern life; ? they act out of deeply held beliefs, not the latest focus-group findings; ? they are good at something that?s good for people ? and...

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