Обложка книги Advertising and Hong Kong Society

Advertising and Hong Kong Society

ISBN: 9629962640;
Издательство: The Chinese University Press
Страниц: 250

Advertising and Hong Kong Society is a book of diversified interests, both local and global, and at the same time cultural, commercial, political, cultural, and sociological. While other advertising books focus on how to maximize the persuasion process and minimize its cost to the advertiser, this book considers the social, psychological, legal, and ethical impact that may result from a campaign from advertising generally. It provides readers with an understanding of the role of advertising as a form of social communication. It enhances the sensitivity of prospective advertising practitioners to the social consequences of their work, and provides them with sufficient understanding of the regulatory environment to enable them to avoid unnecessary legal entanglement and, hopefully, to develop their sense of professional ethics. This book aims at providing suggestions and solutions to make advertising better for society while also more effective for marketers. The Hong Kong experience...

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