Обложка книги An Elephant Named Sustainability

An Elephant Named Sustainability

ISBN: 1592864155;
Издательство: Publishamerica

An Elephant Named Sustainability is written for the global citizen. In a very broad manner, it outlines the various components of sustainability and the interlinkages between these components. This is important so that the global citizen does not see sustainable living as recycling cans of beverages. The global citizen needs to be aware of various conflicts that are central to sustainability, how he/she is at the center of it and how that affects his/her life. The book aims to strengthen such a holistic awareness so that the citizen does not spend an hour a day recycling cans and 23 hours living unsustainably. It also provides a broad framework that can help the citizen understand and critique policies being formulated. Without making the theories too abstruse, this book integrates complex interlinkages and connects them to real situations.