Обложка книги Be Our Guest: Perfecting the Аrt of Customer Service

Be Our Guest: Perfecting the Аrt of Customer Service

ISBN: 0-7868-5394-8;
Издательство: Disney Enterprises
Страниц: 208

All organizations are driving toward the same goal-how best to serve the people who purchase their products and services. Whether they are called clients, customers, constituents, or, in Disney-speak, guests - they must be satisfied or risk being lost. Even before authors Tom Peters and Bob Waterman profiled Walt Disney World Resort in their groundbreaking book In Search of Excellence, the most popular resort destination in the world enjoyed a reputation as a company that set the benchmark for outstanding business practices. Now, for the first time, one critical element of the methodology behind the magic that is the Wall Disney World Resort - quality service - Is revealed in Be Out Guest. Be Our Guest outlines proven Disney principles and processes for helping your organization focus its vision and assemble its people and Infrastructure within a cohesive strategy that delivers on the promise of exceptional customer service.