Обложка книги Capturing Customers.com

Capturing Customers.com

ISBN: 1564145077;
Издательство: Career Press

Capturing Customers.com provides detailed and straightforward explanations and useful illustrations of strategies and tactics for successful selling and marketing of products and services in today's wired world. Sure, the Internet is an important part ofthe equation, but it's not the whole story. In fact, author George Colombo clearly demonstrates that the key to successful selling and marketing on the Internet is the degree to which online strategy can be coordinated with other business tools. Capturing Customers.com helps readers understand: - The shifting balance of power between sellers and buyers. - How to redefine their businesses for a web-centric world - The object of the game remains the same-to capture customers. - How to let the customer define the terms of engagement. - How to integrate e-centives into existing marketing plans. - How to enhance interactivity and responsiveness to meet the time demands of Internet speed. Not connected or...