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Robert C. Blattberg, Gary Getz, Jacquelyn S. Thomas

Customer Equity: Building and Managing Relationships As Valuable Assets

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ISBN: 0-87584-764-1, 9780875847641
Издательство: Harvard Business School Press
Страниц: 228
What's a customer worth? The company that can answer this question precisely is the company with an edge in the customer-based, technology- and information-intensive economy of today. But how can an asset as intangible as customer value be measured? Thistimely book provides a solution: a fully developed, highly practical new marketing system for measuring and managing customer value as a financial asset-a system uniquely suited to today's rapidly changing, increasingly digital marketplace. How has the management-or mismanagement-of customer assets played into the successes, failures, at-risk status, or Cinderella stories of GM, Amazon, AOL Time Warner, FedEx, the U. S. Armed Forces, Oprah, Bluefly.com, and Harley Davidson? Drawing on these and other examples, the authors explain the strategies and tactics that make customer equity management work. They outline customer equity's three core strategies-customer acquisition, customer retention, and add-on selling-and the balance...