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Stanley A. Brown

Customer Relationship Management: A Strategic Imperative in the World of E-Business

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ISBN: 0471644099, 9780471644095
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons
There is no doubt that in today's business environment, it is becoming increasingly difficult to manage customer relationships profitably. In response, most major organizations have embraced CRM as the way of the future and have invested millions of dollars in CRM technology and processes. But the hard fact is that, inadvertently, most CRM initiatives fail, crashing upon the rocks of duplicated effort, incompatible business solutions, wasted investment, and an increasingly inconsistent customer experience. But it does not need to happen this way. CRM can indeed be a powerful strategy, but knowing what it is and what it can do is simply not enough. That's where Performance Driven CRM comes in. It goes beyond what CRM is and what it can do foryour organization, and offers a proven approach that shows clearly and quantifiably how to accomplish your CRM vision. But it doesn't stop there. Performance-Driven CRM: - Ensures that your CRM vision becomes reality and...