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Jon Anton, Natalie L. Petouhoff

Customer Relationship Management: The Bottom Line to Optimizing Your ROI (NetEffect Series)

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ISBN: 0130990698
Издательство: Pearson Education
/*9906J-4, 0-13-099069-8, Anton, Jon, Customer Relationship Management, 2/e*/ Cutting-edge in perspective, this book presents innovative proven methods for determining whether a CRM strategy for changing the way a company provides service (by adding new technology, processes, and procedures) will realize the return on the investment projected. It emphasizes 1) that it is the cost of training both customer service personnel and customers which makes or breaks a new technology implementation, and 2) that the path for success is obtaining and using data measures from customer contact centers to create cost/benefit and return on investment calculations. Throughout, readers see through measurable data-containing examples how the theory is applied with great success by various real-life companies. Thinking Outside the CRM Box. Start with the People. The Secret to Risk Management of CRM: People. The CRM Successful People Process? (CRM SPP?): The...
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