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Timothy P. Bonomo

Customer Service: Aiming for Excellence

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ISBN: 1553695429
Издательство: Not Avail
Customer Service, Aiming for Excellence is a fast-paced, humourous and fresh approach to Customer Service that will benefit both first time employees and seasoned professionals as well. This easy-to-read, 'one sitting', book tells you how to handle different customers instead of just why you need to. The fun and insights are inescapable and 'it provides the tools to deal with difficult situations with confidence and a greater understanding of the underlying motives behind behavior'. Customer Service,Aiming for Excellence introduces the concept of "Linked Pairs", the relationships between the situations/conditions that cause a problem and the generally appropriate techniques that aid in solving it. Aiming for Excellence also teaches you to identify the 5 customer types and how best to handle them based on their personality. The book also discusses Opportunities for Excellence, Everyday Extraordinary Service and Professionalism. If you have already read a book on customer...
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