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David P. Snyder

How to Mind Read Your Customers

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ISBN: 0814405991
Издательство: American Management Association
Strategies for sales success--using the principles of behavioral psychology. What's the most important factor in becoming a successful salesperson? Is it ambition and drive? Maybe it's enthusiasm. Or, maybe, success in sales just boils down to good old-fashioned hard work. While all of these things no doubt contribute to sales success, the real key, according to David Snyder, is understanding and knowing how to read different personality types--including one's own. HOW TO MIND-READ YOUR CUSTOMERS, which is based on Snyder's popular seminar, shows readers how to use the principles of behavioral psychology (made easy and accessible) to master the art and science of salesmanship. Using the book's wealth of useful ideas and tools, readers will: * Gain insight into their own personalities * Identify their strengths and weaknesses * Gain a better understanding of themselves * Understand and relate better to others * Size up people as early as the first phone...
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