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Managing Expectations

ISBN: 0932633277;
Издательство: Dorset House Publishing Company, Incorporated

People have expectations. Your clients, for example. Sometimes their expectations of you seem unreasonable. But sometimes your expectations of them seem just as unreasonable (in their eyes). The problem is that these mismatched expectations can lead to misunderstandings, frayed nerves, and ruffled feathers. More seriously, they often lead to flawed systems, failed projects, and a drain on resources. Yet how often do you openly acknowledge these differences in expectations and take steps to bettermanage them? And how often are you a victim of your own expectations of yourself? Expectations are difficult to control and impossible to turn off. Naomi Karten offers concrete ways to manage them, and in the process, to dramatically improve the effectiveness of your services. A Step-by-Step Guide to Managing Expectations . . . Guard Against Conflicting Messages Use Jargon with Care Identify Communication Preferences Listen Persuasively Help...