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Bill Abrams, Bill Abrams

Observational Research Handbook: Understanding How Consumers Live with Your Product

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ISBN: 065800073X
Издательство: McGraw-Hill/Contemporary Books
The Observational Research Handbook explores the burgeoning qualitative marketing research technique of ethnography or "descriptive anthropology," the observation and analysis of how consumers respond to a product within their own environments based upon their cultural values and relationships. The most comprehensive professional reference available on the subject, The Observational Research Handbook acquaints marketing and advertising professionals, market researchers, and manufacturers ofconsumer products with what observational research is, what it can add to a consumer marketing effort, and how an ethnographic marketing study is conducted. The book includes insights on setting study objectives, selecting the appropriate research method, defining the parameters of a study, creating interview scripts, applying specific practices and tips to the actual observations, and then compiling and analyzing the results. A complete case study—featuring a real proposal for...
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