Обложка книги Positively Outrageous Service

Positively Outrageous Service

ISBN: 0446394688;
Издательство: Warner Books

When is the last time your customers said "WOW!"? T. Scott Gross is a super-successful businessman, a quality service guru, and a consultant to many of America's most prestigious companies and organizations. His message? In today's economy cutting prices is not enough, nor is providing good service. Today's successful businespeople must learn the secret of Positively Outrageous Service-doing the unexpected unexpectedly, and giving the customer more than he ever thought possible. What is P.O.S.? * P.O.S. means getting your customers involved in the experience of your business, getting them to advertise for you, and getting them to come back-again and again * P.O.S. means apologizing for the slightest slipup-directly and excessively to your customers * P.O.S. means being a showman-making your customers' experience both productive and entertaining * P.O.S. means getting the most creativity out of your employees and energizing your staff * P.O.S. means...

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