Обложка книги Promiscuous Customers: Invisible Brand

Promiscuous Customers: Invisible Brand

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ISBN: 1841121592; 9781841121598;
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons

"A challenging and provocative look at how brands, customers and technology will come together to shape tomorrow's digital landscape." Nigel Howlett, Chairman and CEO, Ogilvyone, London "An exciting read, that briskly addresses the many serious concerns facing management in tomorrow's electronic marketplaces& It stands out for its matter-of-fact, plain language approach and its refusal to shy away from complex, controversial issues." Roy J. Tutty, Chief Executive, Wyndham International, Europe "In a business arena where diversity and risk abound, Michael Bayler and David Stoughton break through the clutter and confusion. Their analysis is insightful, and their recommendations are pathways to value that will help organizations reap the rewards of consumer trust and loyalty." Thomas Walton, Editor, Design Management Journal