Обложка книги Secrets of the Savvy Consumer

Secrets of the Savvy Consumer

ISBN: 0136735266;
Издательство: Prentice Hall

Money saving tips to negotiate any purchase - from food, entertainment, household items, and office equipment, to buying a car, insurance, real estate, airplane tickets. Whether consumers realize it or not, anything can be negotiated, from car insurance to a doctor's fee. This step-by-step guide by savvy consumer Corey Sandler shows precisely how. Sharing the hard-won knowledge of the best in business, with inside stories from the people who sell everything from insurance, cars and houses to telephone service and office equipment, Sandler reveals: How to put a car purchase out to competitive bid How to get the best deal and best coverage on home and auto insurance How to travel first class on an economy budget How to negotiate the commission when hiring a realtor How to select the best mortgage and keep it up-to-date with changing rates and conditions How to get the most financial aid for college-bound children Jam packed with money-saving...