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Lesslie Ware, Leslie Ware, Editors of Consumer Reports

Selling It: The Incredible Shrinking Package and Other Marvels of Modern Marketing

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ISBN: 039332172X, 9780393321722
Издательство: W.W. Norton & Company
Год издания: 2002
Страниц: 196
A hilarious and revealing collection of inventive, misleading, and absurdly amusing marketing ploys, culled from Consumer Reports . Just how much would you pay for those "10 free minutes" of long distance? Will "slimming insoles" do more than cushion your tired feet? Are you really the "guaranteed winner" of a $10 million sweepstakes? For more than twenty years, the "Selling It" column of Consumer Reports has been keeping tabs on come-ons like these, poking fun at and, more important, bringing them to the attention of millions of consumers. Collected here are the best?that is, the worst?from the past decade. Whether showing what's inside "official government" envelopes, illustrating the lunacies of labeling, debunking mysterious medical potions, or looking at the ever-more-clever ways in which packaging is designed to deceive, Leslie Ware and her fellow editors expose and inform in equal parts. With historical context and tips for consumers, Selling It ...