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Uly Meixner, Erich Mock

The "OH Norman" Diary: The Moment of Truth - Selling to Your Customer's Needs

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ISBN: 0957944802
Издательство: Global Partners & Associates
The "Oh Norman Diary" provides a comprehensive introduction to consultative selling skills and shows how to instill a sales culture into a business where one does not currently exist. It is targeted at individual sales people and their companies who facethe daily challenge of trying to sell to their customers. This fictionalized account of a sales person's life and his company, is seen through the eyes of Mr Joe Average: Norman G. Getit. Written by sales people for sales people, this entertaining yet enlightening book shows how the "Norman's" of the world can succeed and build lasting customer relationships using consultative selling skills. This book shows how sales people and their companies are better off thinking about intelligent and individualstrategies that will make their customers more successful. To achieve this, "Norman" starts learning from the customer, using new ways of communicating and adopting a modern approach to selling.
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