Обложка книги The Call Center Dictionary

The Call Center Dictionary


ISBN: 1578200954; 9781578200955;
Издательство: CMP Books
Страниц: 227

Call Centers in Plain English Your company needs a call center to be competitive in the 21st century. This book is your guide to the technology, techniques, and trends in today's call centers. The Call Center Dictionary contains all the information you need to: Understand: Your boss, your vendors, the technicians from the telecom and IT departments. Here are the meanings of all those technical terms and that alphabet soup of acronyms. When you need to know whether to go with ISDN or the PSTN and whether a T-1 will help, you'll find all the answers here. Explain: To management, technicians, and new hires. It can be tough to explain terms you use in the call center every day to people with little call center experience. These definitions will let you express yourself clearly - so even executives will understand! Interpret: Technology sales literature and sales presentations. Find out what the vendor really means by those fancy buzzwords. Implement and Improve:...

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