Обложка книги The Customer Relationship Management Survival Guide

The Customer Relationship Management Survival Guide

ISBN: 0967375738;
Издательство: HYM Press

Few books have influenced an entire industry as much as "The Customer Relationship Survival Guide." Survival Guide has pushed the practice of CRM toward business strategy and culture change ? and away from process- and technology-based CRM projects that meet predictable fates. Many companies already owe their CRM success to lessons learned from this book. Many more will before Survival Guide is finished doing its work. And yet more will find in this book the reasons why their CRM implementations failed - and how to rescue them. But there?s more to the Customer Relationship Management Survival Guide than expert advice. Through his many speaking engagements, magazine columns and other writings, author Dick Lee has distinguished himself as both a wry humorist and a business visionary. Lee?s irreverent commentary and keen business insights make reading Survival Guide an entertaining and valuable experience ? for anyone in business today.

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