Обложка книги The Loyalty Link : How Loyal Employees Create Loyal Customers

The Loyalty Link : How Loyal Employees Create Loyal Customers

ISBN: 0471163899;
Издательство: Wiley

"The loyalty link is a must read for any marketer who wants to understand the power of customer enthusiasm." —Don Hudler, President Saturn Corporation In an age of consumerism, downsizing, and frequent layoffs, it may seem that loyalty in themarketplace has fallen victim to the fast buck and the quick fix. In The Loyalty Link, however, Dennis McCarthy reveals that loyalty—between a business and its customers, between employer and employee—is a major competitive advantage. Businesses that develop loyalty links to their employees will consistently retain loyal customers and gain a competitive edge. McCarthy gives business owners, managers, and executives the ideas and tools to forge the crucial link between loyalty and profitability. The Loyalty Link helps you strengthen the bonds of loyalty with your employees and customers alike. You'll discover that the interactions between employees and customers that foster loyalty are neither random events nor the...

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