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Don Peppers, Martha Rogers, Bob Dorf

The One to One Fieldbook: The Complete Toolkit for Implementing a 1To1 Marketing Program (One to One)

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ISBN: 038549369X
Издательство: Currency
A revolutionary business phenomenon has taken hold at such companies around the world as Hewlett-Packard, BellSouth, Oracle, Unilever, Telstra, and Fujitsu. These firms and others are turning to computer technology to create interactive relationships with individual customers, one customer at a time. Known as "one-to-one" marketing, this radically new competitive strategy was introduced by Don Peppers and Martha Rogers in their first two best-selling books, The One-to-One Future and Enterprise One-to-One. One-to-one marketing focuses a firm's competitive energies less on market share and more on share of customer, enabling a firm to increase customer loyalty and improve unit margins at the same time. In their new book, The One-to-One Fieldbook, Peppers and Rogers offer specific one-to-one marketing advice on how to make the transition from the Industrial Age to the Age of Interactivity. Many of the most successful firms already embrace the principles of...
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