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Steven M. Kates

Twenty Million New Customers: Understanding Gay Men's Consumer Behavior (Haworth Gay & Lesbian Studies)

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ISBN: 1560239034
Издательство: Haworth Press
In a world in which we are constantly bombarded by advertisements and commercials for everything from the fastest car to the lowest-fat cookie, it is no surprise that personal identity is often linked to consumerism. But is it always true that we are what we buy? And what does this mean for gay men, who have been targeted as prime consumers by companies selling just about everything--vodka, sportswear, dining-room tables, and more? Twenty Million New Customers! is a fascinating look at the buyinghabits and motivations of 44 gay men. While other studies have focused on the role of income in gay-male buying patterns, author Steven Kates is far more interested in exploring how his subjects' sense of identity and self-presentation affect their consumer habits. The results are always surprising--some men buy certain brands or styles to "look" gay, others to appear "less gay"--and remind us of the diversity of gay male culture, as well as how consumerism and the identities of many...
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