Обложка книги Your Customer $ystem

Your Customer $ystem

ISBN: 0970746105;
Издательство: Winning Ways Management, Inc.

Learn the secrets of successful businesses as you build your award-winning?and profitable?customer service, satisfaction, and loyalty system! Wouldn?t it be great to grow your business, make more money, win customer service awards, and keep your highly skilled employees? This first of it?s kind guide shows you how to successfully apply for the Excellence In Customer Service (EICS) Award and other similar awards. This book is your systematic guide to increasing customer service, satisfaction, loyalty, and employee retention. You will discover how to: 1. Apply a new customer service model, the Four P?s of Your Customer System 2. Successfully put together an EICS Award package 3. Audit your own organization with the EICS Award criteria 4. Build Your Customer System that successfully measures and helps you increase customer service, satisfaction, and loyalty 5. Keep highly trained employees 6. Increase your bottom line