Обложка книги Emotional Value: Creating Strong Bonds With Your Customers

Emotional Value: Creating Strong Bonds With Your Customers


ISBN: 1576750795; 9781576750797;
Издательство: Berrett-Koehler Publishers
Страниц: 310

Todays consumers demand not only services and products that are of the highest quality, but also positive, memorable experiences. This essential guide shows how organizations can leapfrog their competitors by learning how to add emotional value--the economic value of customers feelings when they positively experience products and services--to their customers experiences. Janelle Barlow and Dianna Maul, with more than forty years combined experience in the service industry, detail five practices for adding emotional value to customer and staff experiences. They show how to Build an emotion-friendly service culture Choose emotional competence as your organizations service model Maximize customer experiences with empathy View complaints as emotional opportunities Use emotional connections to increase customer loyalty The authors reveal that by understanding the critical role emotions play in creating positive customer experiences, organizations can take their...

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