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Richard Bagozzi, Zynep Gurhan-Canli, Joseph R Priester

The Social Psychology of Consumer Behaviour (Applying Social Psychology)

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ISBN: 0335207227, 9780335207220
Издательство: Open University Press
Год издания: 2002
Страниц: 224
* How do consumers process information? * How do they make choices and decisions? * How are decisions translated into actions of consumption? * How can marketing influence and respond to consumers? The Social Psychology of Consumer Behaviour illuminates an area of intense academic and wider interest, bringing together research and practical insights into how theories in social psychology can be applied to consumer behaviour. Core themes include information processing and social cognition,communication processes, attitude models, emotion, social identity theory, and action theory. Within each of the major areas of social psychology, a historical perspective is provided, current knowledge reviewed, theories and findings critiqued, and directions for future research appraised. The Social Psychology of Consumer Behaviour provides a deeper perspective than standard texts which tend to be either atheoretical, overly encyclopedic, or outdated. It considers why consumers buy...