Обложка книги How to Use Your Business Cards for Success

How to Use Your Business Cards for Success

ISBN: 1412000904;
Издательство: Trafford

Book DescriptionYour business card is usually the first tangible thing a customer/client will take with him or her after meeting you. Does it communicate the message you want it to? G. Lee Mikules offers guidelines on how to get the most from your card- from design to distribution. Everyone is concerned about what is important to them before they are concerned about anything else. And you, as the one who hands them out, must realize that your ego will clash with that of the person who receives your card... The person you hand your card to does not care about your name or the fact that you have been in business for 25 years, or that you have every credential possible, and so forth. The only thing he is interested in is what your business, product, or service can do for him. Will it save or make him money? Will it feed his ego? You have to distill the essence of what your business is, and, most importantly, what it can do for your customer into a concise,...