Обложка книги The Consumer-- Or Else!: Consumer-Centric Business Paradigms

The Consumer-- Or Else!: Consumer-Centric Business Paradigms

ISBN: 0789015692;
Издательство: International Business Press

Book Description"The customer is the only one who can fire all of us." -Sam Walton Doing business in today's economy and surviving requires a new paradigm. What is at the center of this new approach to doing business? CONSUMERS. Historically, power struggles have raged between suppliers and distributors. Recently, both parties awakened to the fact that neither of them has the ultimate power . . . it now resides solely with the consumer. This valuable book describes what demassification of the consumer market means and will show you how?and why?businesses must adapt to succeed. Handy charts, tables, and illustrations make the information easy to understand, and fascinating sidebar quotations from well-known leaders of various industries?Sam Walton, Jack Welch, and many more?give the book a unique and memorable flavor. "Consumers," say the authors, "not only demand higher quality and lower prices, but also expect convenient, quick, customized service....

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