Обложка книги Improving Fuel Economy : Money In Your Pocket

Improving Fuel Economy : Money In Your Pocket

ISBN: 1401883672;
Издательство: Thomson Delmar Learning

Book Description Every driver will appreciate this complete, concise guide to fuel economy and how to improve it in today?s automobiles! The only publication of its kind, Fuel Economy thoroughly discusses ways in which modern automotive systems work together and the interrelationships that affect fuel economy. Author Roy Cox uses simple, straightforward language to raise such important topics as conditions and components that cause specific problems, actions that can be taken to make your car use less fuel, and when to seek professional repairs. Detailed information on the beneficial effects of fuel economy maintenance is highlighted, including step-by-step instructions for common do-it-yourself procedures. This clever combination of ?how it works? and ?how to do the maintenance? approach fosters new insight into the key factors affecting fuel economy in cars, and what drivers can do to keep them performing at peak power and economy.