Обложка книги Think For Your Customer

Think For Your Customer

ISBN: 0975011812;
Издательство: Lizardpublishing.Biz

Book DescriptionIn a series of nine chapters, the Stanley's build a framework to a successful retail operation by explaining the importance of creating a successful relationship with customers. At the end of each chapter, they have included a three-point course-of-action and room to construct an individual battle plan for a particular business. While the Stanley's are clearly passionate about their views, they have written the book in a folksy, conversationalist manner. It tells an uncomplicated message that, in many respects, is just good old-fashioned common sense. The book is based on sound logic, underpinned by the Stanley's vast depth of knowledge, and most small business people will find benefit in the dozens of suggestions and advice tips. It explores a lot of the myths surrounding the retail industry and also deals with the changing world where new technologies are occurring every day. "It's a time of change and in times of change leaders emerge and show us the...