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Lorna Riley

76 Ways to Build a Straight Referral Business, ASAP!

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ISBN: 0941913058
Издательство: Off-the-Chart Publishing
For the first time ever, "76 Ways to Build a Straight Referral Business" offers a comprehensive guide to referral success in one book. The fastest way to build business is through referrals. Find out how one person sold one billion dollars of product in one year with one idea, how a regional office became #1 in the country, and how Lorna Riley increased sales by 600%. This bottom-line reference tool shows how to speed up your earnings through powerful, practical strategies you can immediately put to use.You'll learn how to: ? achieve more "yeses" in less time. ? build a referral business when you don't want to ask for them. ? motivate others to refer business your way. ? the appropriate way to ask for referrals. ? create a steady stream of customers. ? implement the most powerful business secret in the world. ? use technology for profit. ? increase your efficiency and effectiveness. ? sell the big...
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