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Ken Sacharin

Attention! : How to Interrupt, Yell, Whisper, and Touch Consumers (Adweek Books)

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ISBN: 0471389978
Издательство: Wiley
Business experts reveal why this book will grab your ATTENTION! "The best thing about Ken Sacharin?s book, aside from its reader-friendly format, is its ability to make advertising practitioners think in human terms about the consumer?s basic response mechanisms. This provocative book belongs on the must-read list for all marketing directors, brand managers, agency ?creatives,? or account managers. I heartily recommend it." ?Ed Papazian, President, Media Dynamics, Inc. "In today?s increasingly crowded communications space, attention is undoubtedly the customer?s most scarce resource. Ken Sacharin?s practical and hands-on Attention Mechanics framework will help marketers break out of the noisy business environment and get their messages across to their target audiences." ?Russ Winer, Professor of Business, University of California, Berkeley
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