Обложка книги Cases in Strategic Marketing

Cases in Strategic Marketing

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ISBN: 0130863599;
Издательство: Pearson Education

This casebook offers a collection of 40 decision-focused real cases that can be analyzed from a functional perspective as well as from a corporate strategy level. The cases provide a variety of strategic marketing situations which cover the spectra of large and small, public and private, product and service, domestic and international companies, and involve all functional areas--Target marketing and Segmentation; Buyer Behavior; Industry structure; Environmental analysis; The marketing mix; Customer service and satisfaction; Financial analysis; and International. Appendices cover case analysis and financial analysis. Categorizes cases according to: Segmentation and Buyer Behavior; Industry Structure and Competitive Analysis; International; Product; Price; Promotion; Supply Chain and Distribution; Ethics and Social Responsibility; Comprehensive Cases. B> For Marketing managers and strategists.

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