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Donald W. Hendon

Classic Failures in Product Marketing : Marketing Principles Violations and How to Avoid Them

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ISBN: 0899303048
Издательство: Quorum Books
Written especially for current and aspiring marketing managers and executives, this book discusses the avoidable marketing failure. Hendon argues that many so-called product failures could have been avoided and that certain error patterns continually recur in many marketing situations. He exposes these patterns through the use of numerous case study examples so that the reader can learn from the mistakes of others rather than from personal experience with an avoidable product failure. "Hendon shares a wealth of information from his experiences as a teacher and consultant in this very interesting and useful work. Organizing his presentation around factors of the marketing setting and marketing-decision variables, he describes the potential problem areas and possible mistakes that can be made in product marketing. In essence, the book is about how to avoid marketing failures and how to minimize damage once a mistake is recognized. Reader interest level is kept high by the use of more...
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