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Ian???? Bryan

Community-Oriented Marketing: The Definitive Guide to Enlightened Business Development

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ISBN: 0595308813
Издательство: iUniverse
What if you could build your business faster, gain regular media exposure, dramatically increase profits and sustain long term business relationships by uplifting and befriending the communities which make your business possible? Ian Bryan teaches city-based professionals how to break free from the expensive, unpredictable and insensitive marketing ecosystem which dominates business today. Community-Oriented Marketing is what Bryan calls "enlightened business development" because it branches out and empowers everyone involved. Rather than bombarding the population with advertisements, community-oriented marketers roll up their sleeves and get involved. They establish their brand by making values-based introductions and focusing on attraction rather than promotion. The result? A brilliant, profitable, socially responsible method of business development that generates outstanding results at one quarter the cost of traditional marketing.