Обложка книги Customize the Brand  : Make it more desirable and profitable

Customize the Brand : Make it more desirable and profitable

ISBN: 0470848227;
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons

Marketing based on averages brings average results. This is not good enough in today’s intensely competitive environment. Most companies have the potential for delivering a more powerful and relevant brand proposition. Yet it rarely happens. In this innovative and groundbreaking book Torsten Nilson introduces the concept of the ‘customized brand’ - how to effectively adapt brands, whether mass-market or niche, to the needs and wishes of individual customers. He explains and illustrates with the help of numerous examples how companies can gain competitive advantage by adapting the total marketing mix to different customers, regardless of market sector. One day all marketing will be like this! This book will guide you to: Understand your customer better than anyone else Communicate better with your customer than anyone else Deliver a product or service that provides better perceived value...