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Jurgen Wolff

Do Something Different: Proven Marketing Techniques to Transform Your Business

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ISBN: 0753505282
Издательство: Virgin Publishing
If you carry on doing what you've been doing, you're going to carry on getting where you've been getting. So if you want more business, you'd better DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT. This book, built around 100 instructive and revealing case studies, contains plenty of advice on how to take charge of your situation and create your own alternatives. It's full of examples of entrepreneurs who took a sideways look at the market and their competition - vital in today's business environment. Engagingly written by a great individualist, DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT will show you how to break the mould and find your way to greater success. Follow its advice and you can set yourself apart from the crowd. Tried and tested marketing methods to set your company apart from the competition by doing something a little surprising!
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