Обложка книги Global Business : 308 tips to take your company worldwide

Global Business : 308 tips to take your company worldwide

ISBN: 0884157539; 9780884157533;
Издательство: Gulf Professional Publishing
Страниц: 340

In today's world, more and more businesses are taking steps toward globalization, and companies must work to remain competitive. 'Global Business' will help every business professional understand how all the components fit together to create a truly global business. This quick-reference guide organizes an avalanche of information into 308 easily understood concepts that address many important issues, including how to: * determine your readiness for global expansion * gain upper management commitment to your international plan * import under customs laws * recognize scams and fraudulent transactions * introduce products into new markets * select employees for overseas assignments * manage international legal affairs * improve distributor performance * maintain a franchise relationship Other subjects include tips on how to do business in various countries and how to deal with regulations and guidelines specific to each nation. 'Global...

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