Обложка книги Human-Centered E-Business

Human-Centered E-Business

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ISBN: 1402074425;
Издательство: Kluwer Academic Publishers

Human-Centered e-Business focuses on analysis, design and development of human-centered e-business systems. The authors illustrate the benefits of the human-centered approach in intelligent e-sales recruitment application, integrating data mining technology with decision support model for profiling transaction behavior of internet banking customers, user-centered context dependent data organization using XML, knowledge management, and optimizing the search process through human evaluation in an intelligent interactive multimedia application. The applications described in this work, facilitates both e-business analysis from a business professional's perspective, and human-centered system design from a system development perspective. These applications employ a range of internet and soft computing technologies. This timely book will be of enormous interest to researchers and practitioners in information technology and to business professionals involved with customer relationship...

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