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Cheryl Cullen, Amy Schell

Identity Solutions: How to Create Effective Brands With Letterheads, Logos and Business Cards

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ISBN: 1581804075
Издательство: How Design Books
Designers help companies choose how they want to be represented in their business collateral-do they want bright orange, splashy stationery to express their energetic business practices? Do they want a conservative typeface to show they are an established, credible corporate presence? Letterhead systems are integral to how companies express their identity, and designers are faced with the challenge of constantly finding new approaches to this common identity dilemma. Designed to "jump start" designer's creative juices, this collection of the latest, hottest letterhead, business card and logo design from 96 design firms provides them with a bounty of inspiring visuals, plus industry-tested advice on creating identity systems that work. They'llfind solutions and advice that will enable them to satisfy their clients while designing powerful, effective new identity systems. Cheryl Dangel Cullen is a writer and public relations consultant specializing in the graphic arts...
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